Delivering the best in analytics.​

We enable and manage organizations' analytics and self-service teams by educating people, optimizing technology, developing world-class products, and providing sustainable results.

About Us

tessellation   \   noun  \  ˌte-sə-ˈlā-shən :   A repeated pattern with no gaps.

We partner with clients to change the way they interact with data and analytics tools. We transform clients into outcome-driven organizations through sustainable, repeatable processes and enable them to focus more on understanding their business and less on the process of collecting and analyzing data. Our process is more than just providing clients with a strategy overview: it’s about coaching leaders, training analysts and data experts, creating sustainable processes, and managing and sustaining data and analytics products at the highest levels.

We are a data and analytics services firm creating a lasting impact with our clients and communities.


Managed Services

We design custom maintenance and support packages to maximize your long-term investment in Tableau, Alteryx, and other self-service tools.


We are the industry's best with DataRobot, Alteryx, Tableau, and PowerBI to transform your data into actionable insights.


We bring a multidisciplinary, agile business transformation and advisory practice which combines business knowledge with analytics expertise.

Rapid Prototyping

We offer a fast-track development model that is modular, prescriptive, and grounded in best practices and decades of combined experience.


It is our goal to make individuals and clients self-sufficient in their self-service analytics ecosystem. We are authorities in the content and experts at training.

Product Development

We help clients build high-end visual applications with DataRobot, Alteryx, & Tableau to achieve their analytics goals.

The Team

Alex Christensen

Data preparation, data visualization, and self-service analytics scaling expert.

Baxter Boe

Client partnership guru with the vision and experience to see the bigger picture and execute it.

Luke Stanke, PhD

Data visualization and analytics jedi with broad connections to analytics communities.


Have fun and make a difference!

We’re building a distributed network of the world’s best data and analytics professionals that partner with clients of all sizes to solve challenges and build solutions to their data dilemmas.

Our Values
  • We are a family.
  • Be intellectually humble.
  • Share your story.
  • Ask "Why?"
  • Explore diverse perspectives.
  • Have Fun!