Tutorial: Circular Sankey Diagram

Tutorial: Circular Sankey Diagram in Tableau So you are probably tired of regular old sankey diagrams. What If I told you there is a way to take your Sankey’s to the next level by combining it with something everyone loves: … Read More

Tutorial: Chord Diagram

Tutorial: Chord Diagram I’ve seen a lot of tutorials for Chord Diagrams in Tableau that use data densification. Back in the day when I needed to create my own “shapefiles” for Tableau I used data modeling. I’m not positive where … Read More

In My Opinion: Tableau 2019.1 Release

In My Opinion: Tableau 2019.1 Release With the the release of Tableau 2019.1 the team got together and shared its favorite new functionalities. Here’s what we think: Luke: Ask Data, Export to Powerpoint I’ve been a skeptic of Ask Data … Read More

My Journey to Tessellation: Spencer Baucke

My Journey to Tessellation: Spencer Baucke Growing up in the Cincinnati, OH area I knew two things for certain; Skyline Chili was an essential food group and no other baseball teams mattered  but the Cincinnati Reds.  I didn’t realize it at … Read More

Tessellation’s Own Tableau Zen Master

Congratulations to Luke Stanke for becoming a 2019 Tableau Zen Master! I am excited to announce that my Tessellation co-founder and friend Luke Stanke has become a Tableau Zen Master. It is a well deserved recognition for all of the … Read More

From Content Creator to Tessellation: Aidan Bramel

From Content Creator to Tessellation: Aidan Bramel Growing up in Fargo, North Dakota with a software engineer as a father, I knew two things: 1) I am leaving North Dakota as soon as possible, and 2) I will never work … Read More

APIs and Alteryx: The Basics

APIs and Alteryx: The Basics So you want to pull data into an Alteryx workflow, but there isn’t an ODBC driver or native connector. Don’t despair! The next best option is using a custom API call to pull data into … Read More

Create a Hex Map without Data Blending

Create a Hex Map in Tableau without Data Blending I love hex maps, plain and simple. They look great and are a good solution to the problems created by representing a measure using the land mass of a state. There’s … Read More

Logistic Map

Logistic Map When people think of dashboards and data visualizations, they often conjure images of business dashboards; bar charts showing sales, quarterly revenue trends, and so on. Visual storytelling is so much more than that. Data visualizations can be about … Read More

Sample Superstore

Sample Superstore Every installation of Tableau comes preloaded with a data set called Sample Superstore. Virtually everybody that has ever used Tableau has seen and used this data. In our visualization of the Superstore data set, we took a look … Read More