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We enable and manage organizations' analytics and self-service teams

We modernize analytics and business intelligence for organizations by strategizing, building, and coaching.

Analytics Enablement

We help clients understand how their analytics tools work so they can get the most from their investments. We improve performance, manage communication, and heavily invest in training people across the organization to help foster trust in insights.

Analytics & Data Visualization

We develop dashboards and data tools that allow users at all levels to intuitively connect with data to make new discoveries. Our solutions range from mobile dashboards to architecting complex self-service environments.

Data Science

Our data scientists select the best models and approaches–ranging from basic regression to advanced machine learning–and then apply deep functional and industry knowledge to improve code for the specific client situation.

Data Management & Preparation

We automate data processes used by all levels. We develop analytics process automations and create fully-managed ETL processes for cloud-based platforms.
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Our Partnerships

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A repeated pattern with no gaps.

We partner with clients to change the way they interact with data and analytics tools. We transform clients into outcome-driven organizations through sustainable, repeatable processes and enable them to focus more on understanding their business and less on the process of collecting and analyzing data.

Our process is more than just providing clients with a strategy overview: it’s about coaching leaders, training analysts and data experts, creating sustainable processes, and managing and sustaining data and analytics products at the highest levels.

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We’re building a team of the world’s best data and analytics professionals that partner with clients of all sizes to solve challenges and build solutions to their data dilemmas.

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