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We carefully design intuitive, long-lasting dashboards for your most pivotal insights.
We develop customizable learning modules to boost your team’s analytics capabilities.
We can manage, maintain, and upgrade your business intelligence servers.
We create modern embedded analytics in your most-used software, like Salesforce.

We build out roadmaps to sustainably scale your self-service analytics culture.

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  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Data Management & Preparation
  • Analytics Enablement


Speedy Scenario Planning During COVID-19

The Challenge

Across industries, companies have been desperate to forecast best- and worst-case scenarios to survive the global pandemic.

Our Solution

In just 8 weeks, we designed a tool that could effectively scenario plan using over 50 million data points in under 8 minutes.

The Results

Our user-friendly product allowed leaders to make pivotal decisions grounded in data rather than emotion.

Fast, Not-So-Casual Restaurant Dashboards

The Challenge

Everyday, a fast-casual restaurant chain had to send out thousands of email updates with confusing financial metrics for stakeholders.

Our Solution

In just 9 weeks, we built a KPI dashboard that uses a single data source and row-level security to simplify the user experience for 2,000+ restaurants!

The Results

Thanks to our dashboard automation, each stakeholder can now view their own financial stats with a simple click via email.

Why Tessellation Will Win You Over

Unmatched Talent

Our industry- recognized data experts have an exceptional knowledge in dashboard analytics.

Intuitive Design

Our agile, human-centered design processes iterates on the changing needs of your audience.

Powerful Automation

Our automated analysis and reporting will save your team invaluable time to focus on more important projects.

Solving the Impossible

Our team’s extraordinary depth of knowledge enables your “out-of-the box” ideas to come to life.

Future-Proof Solutions

Our data products are always designed to scale sustainably alongside your data and users.

Luke Stanke

Practice Lead & Partner

Luke is one of 34 international individuals awarded Tableau’s highest honor, the Tableau Zen Master title. He is renowned in the analytic industry for both his mentorship and dexterity in data visualization tools, data science, and enterprise data strategy.

Luke is a teacher at heart and has personally trained over 1,000 students how to analyze their data on Tableau. He also orchestrates “Workout Wednesday,” a weekly data visualization challenge with thousands of international applicants. 

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