Tableau vs. Alteryx: Basic Data Prep | Input and Data Investigation (Part 1)

Tableau Prep vs. Alteryx Designer: Basic Data Preparation Part 1: Input and Data Investigation Tableau Prep and Alteryx Designer are key players on the data prep market. Tableau Prep is a more recent release that is now packaged with the … Read More

In My Opinion: 2020.1 Release

In My Opinion: Tableau 2020.1 Release The first Tableau major release of 2020 is out and we have a lot to be excited about! Which new features are favorites of the Tessellation team? We’re all chiming in on our favorites … Read More

Parameters in Tableau vs. Looker

Parameters in Tableau vs. Looker Parameters allow users to interact with the back-end logic in a dashboard. I’m grateful any time a data visualization tool has some kind of parameter functionality, as many currently lack it. For example, while trying … Read More

Permissions When Moving Tableau Server Content

Permissions When Moving Tableau Server Content Moving content in Tableau Server is inevitable, even with how much we plan ahead for content organization. Let’s talk about how moving content can affect its permissions. We’ll start with what can and cannot … Read More

How Interface Tools Helped Me Be a One-Stop Alteryx Shop

How Interface Tools Helped Me Be a One-Stop Alteryx Shop Before I started at Tessellation, I was a one-stop Alteryx shop: product owner, training and enablement, licensing, and server administration. It was a blast having Alteryx as such a key … Read More

Happy Holidays from Tessellation!

Happy Holidays from Tessellation! Our team wants to wish you merry holidays and a happy new year! Making the Cross Stitch Want to know how to make your own holiday cross stitch in Tableau? It’s really pretty simple. Step 1: … Read More

A Look at Looker

A Look at Looker Two BI acquisitions made big headlines this year: Salesforce acquired Tableau and Google acquired Looker. Tableau has been at the core of my work for awhile, but I hadn’t heard much about Looker prior to Google’s … Read More

Introducing Data Coach

Introducing The best in analytics training platforms. At Tessellation, we have trained thousands of users in top analytic tools and best practices. Now, we are bringing our training and methodology to you in an innovative new format with our new … Read More

Tips for Customizing your Tableau Dashboards

Customizing your Tableau Dashboards One of my favorite parts about making a Tableau Dashboard, especially for Tableau Public, is the freedom to have fun customizing the look and feel of my dashboard. Tableau has a great selection of color palettes, … Read More

How to Plan a Successful Tableau Server Upgrade

How to Plan a Successful Tableau Server Upgrade For Tableau Users, new releases offer exciting features and new possibilities. For Admins, upgrades can often feel like a step into the unknown that brings about many questions: How much downtime will … Read More