Not-to-miss session at Tableau Conference 2019

Not-to-Miss Sessions at Tableau Conference 2019 Last week the Tableau Conference schedule came out and our clients have been asking us which sessions we should attend. Instead of sharing that information just with them, we thought we’d share them in … Read More

Sending an E-mail from a Tableau Dashboard to your Fulfillment Team.

Sending an e-mail (or phone call) from a Tableau dashboard. From my Big Sky Dreaming presentation. How to help your sales team send e-mails and make phone calls from Tableau. Hint: It’s pretty easy to do. I recently presented Tableau to … Read More

Tableau 2019.2 Release

Tabeau 2019.2 Release Features With the latest release of Tableau, the 2019.2 version, there are several awesome new features that the Tessellation team got to try out. Here’s what our team had to say about them! Vector Mapping (Shaun Davis … Read More

MLS Lineup Lowdown

The MLS Lineup Lowdown was created from data from American Soccer Analysis. Please support their website as they do great things to innovate the sport in the United States via the interwebs.

Analysis by Tessellation consultants Luke Stanke and Spencer Baucke. … Read More

Tutorial: Circular Sankey Diagram

Tutorial: Circular Sankey Diagram in Tableau So you are probably tired of regular old sankey diagrams. What If I told you there is a way to take your Sankey’s to the next level by combining it with something everyone loves: … Read More

Tutorial: Chord Diagram

Tutorial: Chord Diagram I’ve seen a lot of tutorials for Chord Diagrams in Tableau that use data densification. Back in the day when I needed to create my own “shapefiles” for Tableau I used data modeling. I’m not positive where … Read More

In My Opinion: Tableau 2019.1 Release

In My Opinion: Tableau 2019.1 Release With the the release of Tableau 2019.1 the team got together and shared its favorite new functionalities. Here’s what we think: Luke: Ask Data, Export to Powerpoint I’ve been a skeptic of Ask Data … Read More

Tableau Spotlights Tessellation

Tableau Spotlights Tessellation in Top Trends for Business Intelligence in 2019 Recently, Tableau released its Top Trends for Business Intelligence in 2019. These trends included: The rise of explainable AI Natural language humanizes your data Actionable analytics puts data into … Read More

We are Tessellation!

What do we do. We partner with organizations to help them make better decisions. And I don’t mean this in a superficial way. We’re coaching executives. We’re helping them build amazing analytics talent. We teach everyone how to think with … Read More

Tips for the Tableau Community (From the Community)

I recently asked for the top tips from the Tableau community on Twitter. Anyone want to share their favorite “hidden” feature in Tableau? I’m putting them together for a small presentation! — Luke Stanke (@lukestanke) April 10, 2018 And they … Read More