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How We Can Up-level Your Analytics

We deep dive into descriptive analytics to evaluate your key performance drivers.

We create tools to help you scenario plan and predict future business outcomes.

We can manage, maintain, and upgrade your business intelligence servers.

We redesign analytics centers of excellence to help you better leverage your data scientists.

We bring ideas to life by integrating your code and making it production ready.

Our Other Solutions

  • Analytics & Data Visualization
  • Data Management & Preparation
  • Analytics Enablement

Removing Guesswork Out of Transport Planning

The Challenge

A global consumer packaged goods company was spending $400 million annually on transport; however, they were struggling to manage their shipping routes, carriers, and volumes due to poor, ad-hoc analyses in Excel.

Our Solution

We rapidly developed a forecasting solution that can estimate weekly shipment volumes for weeks in advance for the top 150 routes and carriers.

The Results

Thanks to our accurate forecasting tool, the company can better manage their shipments and optimize their transportation budget.

Serving Up Major Sales Forecasts

The Challenge

A major restaurant chain was struggling with their decentralized sales forecasting process for over 2,000 restaurants. The finance team was desperate for a more organized, data-driven process.

Our Solution

We designed a, 52-week forecasting solution to estimate daily sales at each restaurant with only a 4% forecast variance.

The Results

Thanks to our accurate tool, the business can now optimize their financial planning to ultimately save over $2 million in planning costs.

Why Tessellation Will Win You Over

Unmatched Talent

Our industry- recognized data experts have an exceptional knowledge in dashboard analytics.

Intuitive Design

Our agile, human-centered design processes iterates on the changing needs of your audience.

Powerful Automation

Our automated analysis and reporting will save your team invaluable time to focus on more important projects.

Solving the Impossible

Our team’s extraordinary depth of knowledge enables your “out-of-the box” ideas to come to life.

Future-Proof Solutions

Our data products are always designed to scale sustainably alongside your data and users.

Elizabeth Dinevski

Practice Lead & Consultant

Elizabeth is a problem-solver at her core. She drives business intelligence strategy by helping teams leverage technology to make data-driven decisions.

From data engineering and modeling to interactive dashboards, Elizabeth can transform raw data into actionable insights. Elizabeth has championed data science in various industries, but specializes in consumer packaged goods. 

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