Growing Data Analytics Technologies: Getting Started with Snowflake

If you’ve been around the data or database world for a minute, you’ve probably heard of Snowflake before. It is one of the fastest growing technologies disrupting and improving the way we all interact with data. Here are my favorite resources to share with friends and colleagues looking to get started exploring and learning Snowflake.

Snowflake Lodge

In case you didn’t know, part of the reason for Snowflake’s name is because the founders love the snow, mountains, and skiing; hence the learning center being called the Lodge.  Here you can find free learning modules covering beginner to advanced topics.


Snowflake has a robust, ever-updating list of webinars. There are several region, language, and topic options. If you are new to the platform, I recommend attending one of the Virtual Hands-On Labs or Live Product Demoss. These sessions are meant to help beginners go from no experience to a fully functional environment.


Snowflake Summit is an annual conference bringing together customers, technical experts, and industry leaders. Snowflake categorizes sessions by roles (ie business vs technical), expertise level, industry focus, topic, and session type (ie keynote, panels, or technical demonstrations).  Plus, you can always watch and rewatch sessions after the conference.   

User Groups

Like many tech companies, Snowflake’s User Groups are an awesome way to connect with other users to get a better understanding of how to utilize the product. Some of the User Groups are location-based while others are dedicated to a specific topic. Fortunately, most are virtual so you can attend anything you may find interesting.

Social Media References

/r/Snowflake – Snowflake’s Reddit page which is a great mix of curated and user content

Twitter is a great place to connect and meet fellow data nerds. Here are some great Snowflake themed accounts to follow: 

@SnowflakeDB – The official Snowflake channel that posts about upcoming events, product updates, and general Snowflake news. 

@KentGraziano – Chief Tech Evangelist and all around Snowflake/Database wizard

@felipehoffa – Data Cloud Advocate with a large social media presence

@TriMyData – Eva Murray, a Tableau Zen Master who is now a Senior Snowflake Evangelist

Questions and Answers

Snowflake has centralized its Q&A section in Stack Overflow. Here you can get help or help others with all their Snowflake questions. 

Data Heroes – Data Heroes are individuals recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Snowflake community. These individuals write blogs, tutorials, speak at events, and answer questions on Stack Overflow. Data Heroes are similar to Tableau Zen Masters, Alteryx Aces, or Power BI MVPs.

Resources for Learning Snowflake

If you’re already sold on wanting to learn Snowflake and are looking for expertly created courses here are some good places to start: 

Data Coach – Learn SQL on Snowflake: Containing 15 lesions and 100+ topics anyone looking to jumpstart their Snowflake career should look no further. 

Virtual Classroom – Snowflake provided virtual classrooms covering a wide range of topics from fundamentals to Data Science to Certification preparation.

Udemy – As Snowflake’s market share grows, so does the number of people creating great content for it! I always recommend reading the reviews of courses to make sure the creator is an expert in the field and has produced up-to-date content. Snowflake has grown a lot in the last couple of years so it is important to learn the best and newest features.

Want to Learn More?

If you know of any great additional resources or have any questions feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @DataKatrina

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