Live Stream - How to Drive Value with Tableau Server: A Guide for Tableau Developers

Join this one-hour webinar for data developers to learn how to best leverage Tableau Server for publishing, refreshing, and managing access to your workbooks and data sources.

Is most of your time as a Tableau developer dedicated to tedious, timely tasks? Are you often burned out by the end of the day but still working late to catch up on projects and hit deadlines? If so, you are not alone. Like many other Tableau developers, you’re likely dreaming of seamless automations that help tackle your backlog, reduce time spent on mundane tasks, and drive incredible business value.


Luckily, Tableau Server allows data developer teams to automate tedious processes and get back to projects that take their organization to the next level. As Tableau Desktop developers, both Tableau Server or Tableau Online will undoubtedly become part of your journey as well. By simply publishing, refreshing, and managing access to your workbooks and data sources in Tableau Server, you and your team can focus your time on insightful projects that  drive value to your organization.

In this one-hour webinar, Tableau Server expert, Aidan Bramel, will teach you the in’s and out’s of using Tableau Server as a developer. Join the conversation to learn precisely how to:

  • Navigate Tableau Server projects, workbooks, and data sources
  • Understand the different data sources
  • Publish and apply permissions to workbooks and other content
  • Save time by automating tedious, repetitive tasks

Watch the Webinar:

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About the Speaker:

With a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and more than four years of experience working in business analytics, Aidan Bramel has developed a true talent in Tableau Server and Alteryx Server.

Throughout her career, Aidan has led world-class server deployments with up to 80,000 users and security requirements ranging from public to highly restricted defense data. While working at a global manufacturing conglomerate, she also hosted self-service analytics training for users of all experience levels.

Aidan is highly engaged in the self-serve analytics community and leads a local Alteryx User Group in the Twin Cities.

To uplevel your team’s data transformation, Aidan consults on Tableau Server deployment and develops in-depth content for Tableau, Alteryx, and data fluency.

As a consultant for Tessellation, Aidan leads many of our server deployment, data governance, dashboard, and product development projects.

You can connect with Aidan personally on Data Coach by signing up for our Tableau or Alteryx courses.

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