How to Make the Most of Power BI Tooltips

How to Make the Most of Power BI Tooltips

Tooltips in Power BI are a simple feature that, if leveraged correctly, can give your reports and dashboards that extra OOMPH your users didn’t even know they wanted. In this blog, I’ll briefly explain how to set up the simplest version of tooltips and go over a more advanced use case with step-by-step directions.

What are Tooltips?

Simply put, Tooltips are additional pieces of information that appear when a user hovers over an object of a visualization.

Setting Up Simple Tooltips

Let’s say we have a simple visualization for Profit by Region. Profit and Region are automatically available when we hover over any part of this visualization – the example below uses the Western Region.

Visualization- Profit by Region

What if we also wanted to show data points for Sales and Quantity as a part of the same visualization but in a way that doesn’t necessarily affect the chart itself? With the visualization selected, drag the additional measures into the Tooltips section of the fields pane. This will add the measures into the popup when hovering over the visualization. Tooltips should default to being on; however, if you run into issues, there is a toggle switch in the formatting pane.


Everything in a visualization’s additional options (ellipses on the top right of a visualization) can be utilized with any value in the tooltips you have set up, including:

  • Sort by
  • Export Data
  • Show as a Table (screenshot below)
Power BI Pro-Tip

A More Robust Tooltip

If users want more detail out of their tooltips, we can specify an entire sheet to appear as a tooltip. We can see this in the example screenshot below, where I created two additional visualizations in a separate sheet to be used as the tooltip.

A More Robust Tooltip

To accomplish this, follow the steps below:

  1. Add a new sheet with the formatted visualizations (I called mine “Tooltip”)
  2. Without having any of the visualizations selected, open the Page Information section of the formatting panel and toggle Tooltip to On.
  3. Adjust the Page Size in the formatting panel to Tooltip – first, make sure everything you want to include in the tooltip is in the top left corner of the canvas.
Steps for Tooltip

4. On the original sheet, in the Tooltip formatting section, change the Tooltip Type to Report Page, and select the appropriate sheet from the Page dropdown.

Detail in tooltip

As long as the connections in the data model are set up correctly, the detail in the tooltip will automatically filter to the data points that your users hover over.

Want to Learn More?

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