Introducing Data Coach

Introducing The best in analytics training platforms. At Tessellation, we have trained thousands of users in top analytic tools and best practices. Now, we are bringing our training and methodology to you in an innovative new format with our new … Read More

Not-to-miss session at Tableau Conference 2019

Not-to-Miss Sessions at Tableau Conference 2019 Last week the Tableau Conference schedule came out and our clients have been asking us which sessions we should attend. Instead of sharing that information just with them, we thought we’d share them in … Read More

My Journey to Tessellation: Marin Baltes

Marin Baltes’ journey from construction management to the world of consulting. … Read More

Tips for Customizing your Tableau Dashboards

Customizing your Tableau Dashboards One of my favorite parts about making a Tableau Dashboard, especially for Tableau Public, is the freedom to have fun customizing the look and feel of my dashboard. Tableau has a great selection of color palettes, … Read More

Showing Variance When Your Data Doesn’t Have Much

Showing Variance When Your Data Doesn’t Have Much Ever create a bar or line chart and get frustrated that the chart doesn’t show a lot of change from mark to mark? Here are some design tips to help highlight the … Read More

Part 3 of Learning Tableau: Gold Certification

Part 3 of Learning Tableau: Gold Certified After three certifications, eight weeks, and 31 modules and I have made it through Tessellation’s AMP program! When I started all of this I had never used Tableau before. Now, I have graduated … Read More

Sending an E-mail from a Tableau Dashboard to your Fulfillment Team.

Sending an e-mail (or phone call) from a Tableau dashboard. From my Big Sky Dreaming presentation. How to help your sales team send e-mails and make phone calls from Tableau. Hint: It’s pretty easy to do. I recently presented Tableau to … Read More

Part 2 of Learning Tableau: Silver Certified

Part 2 of Learning Tableau: Silver Certification If you’ve been following along with me on this journey through the AMP program, you would know all about my experience with Bronze certification. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, … Read More

Part 1 of Learning Tableau: Bronze Certified

Part 1 of Learning Tableau: Bronze Certified Three weeks ago, I had never laid a finger on Tableau. Today, I uploaded my first dashboard to Tableau Public. How did I do it? Through the AMP (Analytics Management Program) developed and … Read More

Tableau 2019.2 Release

Tabeau 2019.2 Release Features With the latest release of Tableau, the 2019.2 version, there are several awesome new features that the Tessellation team got to try out. Here’s what our team had to say about them! Vector Mapping (Shaun Davis … Read More