A Beginner’s Guide to Using R in Tableau

A Beginner’s Guide to Using R in Tableau

Learn the basics of connecting Tableau Desktop to R via Analytics Extensions: from showing some basic diagnostics to building a statistical model.

Are you ready to take your R coding skills to the next level? If so, watch this video recording of Tessellation consultant Phil Perrin showcasing all beginners need to know to get started using R in Tableau.

During this webinar, we will connect Tableau to R and prepare our Tableau environment for conducting some basic statistical tests. Using Rserve, we will create a dashboard that informs us of the R environment being used, a dashboard with a simple t-test, and walk through a linear regression model. This webinar will build upon your existing understanding of table calculations and R code. By the end of this session, you will walk away with a deeper knowledge of using R in Tableau and will be provided with a sample workbook to practice implementing your new knowledge. 

This webinar is an excellent opportunity for those looking to upskill their understanding and capabilities using R code. During this webinar, learn how to:

  • Set up a connection between Tableau and R
  • Leverage the power of R packages to customize your data analyses
  • Create dynamic visuals that recalculate results based on parameter input
  • Gain a deeper statistical understanding of your data

Leverage your capabilities in using R in Tableau by attending this live event. Come prepared to have your questions answered and walk with a deeper understanding of what your data can do for you.

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About the Speaker:

Phil Perrin

Phil Perrin

Phil Perrin brings a decade of analytics experience in the human services sector to Tessellation. His background has primarily been with developing KPI dashboards with Tableau for executive leaders but has also built extensive solutions with custom geographic components. He has also designed strategic organizational dashboards using Power BI and Google Data Studio.


For Phil, building out a comprehensive data model is immensely important to any analytic solution. He has a strong background in using Alteryx and SQL and also works with Python and R. When possible, the solutions that Phil creates will incorporate advanced statistics combined with intelligent design to make the insight as actionable as possible.

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