A Journey into Data and Analytics: How to Succeed in Your First Analytics Role

Live Stream - A Journey into Data and Analytics: How to Succeed in Your First Analytics Role

Learn how to find success in the data analytics industry from four champion analysts at Tessellation.

As the data analytics space continues to grow through the years, a wave of new analysts are starting to break into the industry more now than ever before. If you have recently acquired a role as a data analyst, data consultant, or are currently considering making a career change into the industry, you are sure to have endless questions and apprehensions about finding success in your first step in your new career. 

This webinar is a chance to have your questions answered by three successful Tessellation analysts who are making waves in the data analytics industry. Each comes with a unique background and has a high level of expertise across a variety of tools, industries, and projects. Come prepared with your questions and an opportunity to build connections within the community!

During this free, one-hour event, learn how to:

  • Land your first role
  • Upskill while delivering quality solutions
  • Master the art of communication and “sell” your technical expertise
  • Deal with ambiguity and keep projects on track
  • Distinguish between expectation versus reality
  • Cultivate a Data Community

Watch the Webinar:

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About the Speakers:

Jennifer Hunter

Jennifer Hunter has focused her entire career on teaching and empowering others to solve problems. First, as a math teacher, Jenn helped students gain the problem-solving and critical thinking skills they would need to be successful after high school. After completing graduate school, she decided to transition into the analytics industry and has since put these same skills to work herself in an effort to help businesses use data to solve their problems and take action.

Jenn has been working as an analyst/consultant/teacher across a variety of industries for the past 6 years, most notably in CPG/retail, higher education, healthcare, and finance. Jenn also leads the Pittsburgh Tableau User Group, is a User Group Ambassador for Tableau and teaches a statistics class at a local university.

As a consultant at Tessellation, Jenn partners with clients to use their data to transform complicated business problems into clear and quantifiable metrics that drive their everyday business decision-making. 

Mitchell Lee
Mitchell Lee

Mitchell Lee believes that efficient data management and clear, purpose-driven communication are essential to translating data into action — and he loves taking on the challenge of helping people and organizations to accomplish both.

Over the past four years, Mitch contributed to human health research as a postbaccalaureate fellow at the NIH before earning a Master of Science in Public Health. During those experiences, he tackled clinical data management problems to enable multiple publications and delivered several award-winning presentations. He also learned that good analytics can’t happen with bad data or help anyone without fervent communication and advocacy.

As an analyst at Tessellation, Mitch helps develop and deliver products that enable organizations to better manage, analyze, and visualize their data. His goal is always to make the process easier and more effective for clients so that they can make the best decisions possible.

Sunny Yan

Sunny Yan is passionate about all things data. He loves exploring data to uncover new insights and tell stories. He is a big proponent of learning new skills and is always looking to improve himself, both personally and professionally. 

With his previous experience in Sales, Sunny understands what it takes for a business to succeed and how to work effectively with clients. As an analyst at Tessellation, Sunny excels at analyzing data and creating effective data visualizations that allow clients to easily understand what is going on with their business. 

Jake Miknuk

Jake Miknuk started his career in Sales and Supply Chain Consulting but has always had a passion for analytics. While working at Alteryx, Jake was included as an Analytics Ambassador Leader in Onalytica’s report of 2021 Top 100 “Who’s Who” in Data Science. With a strong determination to consistently improve and to help clients, Jake decided to blend his sales and technical skills in order to one day become an Analytics Consultant. 

Making sure to be asking the right questions and telling the best story possible with data is a key imperative for Jake. 

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