What to consider When Selecting Your Business Intelligence Platform

What to Consider When Selecting Your Business Intelligence Platform

Join Tableau Zen Master, Luke Stanke, and Power BI expert, Spencer Baucke, to learn the most important criteria to help you evaluate business intelligence tools for your organization.

It’s time for organizations to truly become data-driven. Beyond basic reporting, there is an enormous time and money-saving potential in investing in Business Intelligence, which encompasses the strategies and technologies that convert raw business data into actionable insights.

During this one-hour webinar, join us in a deep dive into the industry’s leading business intelligence tools and what you should consider when selecting a platform for your organization. While we will focus primarily on the pros and cons of Tableau and Power BI, you will also learn what factors and applications you must evaluate when choosing any BI tool.

Tableau Zen Master, Luke Stanke, and Power BI expert, Spencer Baucke have years of experience across a wide array of analytics tools. Reflecting on a variety of use cases and client experiences, they will offer up their expertise and outline:

  • Why business intelligence tools are an essential investment
  • How to compare the tools and technologies associated with business intelligence functionality
  • What are the top business intelligence tool options
  • How to enable successful adoption of your business intelligence technology.

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About the Speakers: Luke Stanke & Spencer Baucke

Luke Stanke is one of 34 international individuals awarded Tableau’s highest honor, the Tableau Zen Master title. He is renowned in the analytics industry for both his mentorship and dexterity in data visualization tools, data science, and enterprise data strategy.

Luke is a teacher at heart and has personally trained over 1,000 students on how to analyze their data on Tableau. He also orchestrates Workout Wednesday, a weekly data visualization challenge with thousands of international applicants.

As a prominent figure in the Tableau community, Luke proudly champions analytics education across Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Spencer Baucke is a true master at crafting insightful visualizations and has devoted his career to helping organizations leverage their data through the industry’s best data viz tools: Tableau and Power BI.

Throughout his career, Spencer has contributed significantly to the Tableau community. He has been a speaker at three Tableau Conferences around the world, co-founded the sports visualization initiative #SportsVizSunday, and was awarded 14 Tableau ‘Viz of the Day.’

With more than five years of industry experience working as a data analyst, analytics engineer, and visualization specialist, Spencers brings a wealth of business intelligence wisdom as a principal consultant at Tessellation. You can follow his journey on his blog, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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