Master the Most Powerful Predictive Tool in Alteryx, the Optimization Tool. Tessellation Webinar

Live Stream: Master the Most Powerful Predictive Tool in Alteryx: Optimization

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021
10am PST | 12pm CST | 1pm EST

Join this 1-hour webinar with John Emery to learn how to best use the Optimization Tool in Alteryx to uncover powerful predictive analytics via optimal solution calculations.

Have you ever wanted to find the most efficient driving or shipping route with a time constraint? Or perhaps how to best utilize your storage space? Maybe you want to figure out the ideal way to fill a package without going over a costly weight limit? Better yet, do you want to maximize the value of your fantasy football team?

Optimization is an essential practice across many industries, especially for supply chain, transportation, financial services, retail, telecommunications, energy, and sports. That is why we’re devoting a 1-hour intensive webinar to outlining the powerful capabilities of the Optimization Tool in Alteryx, which enables users to garner incredible predictive insights.

Regarded as one of the most powerful predictive tools in Alteryx, the Optimization Tool solves linear programming (LP), mixed-integer linear programming (MILP), and quadratic programming (QP) optimization problems using matrix, manual, and file input modes.

During this comprehensive Alteryx power hour, you will learn precisely how to:

  • Structure your data for use with Alteryx’s Optimization tool
  • Understand the differences between linear, mixed integer, and quadratic programming optimization problems
  • Parse the output for use in further data analysis
  • Find optimal solutions to allocation, portfolio, staffing, network, and logistics problems

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About the Speaker: John Emery

John Emery

With two masters degrees and five years of experience working in analytics, John Emery offers highly technical knowledge of data visualization tools and data modeling.

John has worked as a research and systems analyst for the Department of Defense; a business intelligence analyst in the consumer finance industry; and a consultant for healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and public sector organizations.

While he specializes in both Tableau Desktop and Alteryx Designer, John’s extensive statistics and mathematics background makes him adept at business intelligence reporting.

To optimize data transformation, John creates custom learning content and provides in-depth technical support for Data Coach learners.

As a solution architect for Tessellation, John champions client data visualization and business intelligence projects to help produce remarkable insights.

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