Luke Stanke Tableau Masterclass

Tableau Performance Masterclass

Learn how to improve Tableau dashboard performance and accelerate processing time with tips from Tableau Zen Master Luke Stanke.

Are you losing specious time out of your workday bogged down by Tableau workbook loading times? If so, learn how to streamline your Tableau workbooks for production by attending Tessellation’s upcoming webinar on December 9th, 2021 at 11 AM CST. 


The speed at which you can work in your Tableau workbooks affects how efficiently you complete tasks. Suppose you are currently working in a Tableau workbook that takes eons to load, cutting into your time to complete tasks and deadlines at hand. In that case, you are squandering time that should be spent improving ROI, business decisions, or tackling your backlog.

Join Tableau Zen Master Luke Stanke, as he deep-dives into how to optimize Tableau Workbooks. This webinar will discuss how to increase efficiency, troubleshoot long loading queues, and accelerate dashboard performance. Learn how to:

  • Accelerate dashboard performance
  • Troubleshoot why Tableau takes so long to load
  • Build efficient calculations
  • Aggregate data outside of Tableau

This webinar will be highly valuable to Tableau Admins and Leaders. Nonetheless, we invite anyone interested in optimizing their Tableau workbooks to join the event.

Watch the Webinar:

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About the Speaker:

Luke Stanke

Luke Stanke

Luke Stanke is a data visualization and advanced analytics expert who focuses on producing results. He inspires thousands of data visualization and data science professionals around the globe through speaking and community events. Luke has earned top honors in the analytics community–being selected as a 2x Tableau Zen Master. He is equally regarded for his data science expertise, blending business-first approaches, modern data architecture, and the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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