Logistic Map

When people think of dashboards and data visualizations, they often conjure images of business dashboards; bar charts showing sales, quarterly revenue trends, and so on. Visual storytelling is so much more than that. Data visualizations can be about anything – mathematics, art, poetry, physics. In this post’s sample dashboard, we wanted to showcase a picture of mathematical beauty, complexity, and depth, all brought to life through data.

The visualization below depicts 200,000 output values for a function known as a logistic map. In short, it is a recursive function that outputs the ratio of surviving population to the maximum possible population. The independent variable, what’s being plotted along the horizontal axis, is the parameter lambda. As you can see, as lambda varies from a value of 2.5 through 4, the possible output values can vary wildly.

Open up the interactive visualization and move the lambda parameter to see how the function goes from stable, predictable patterns to pure chaos.

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