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The Line-up Lowdown

I attend a lot of matches. I know nothing. And this will fix that.

By Luke Stanke

Every year I go to about ten Minnesota United matches. I have season tickets, I keep a pulse on top players, but I have no idea about the opposing team beyond their star players. I don’t know if they have a good defense or a good offense; I don’t know who is on the field or where they are on the field; and I don’t know who is going to control possession or take shots. 


That’s why I thought I would create a one-page document that would give me all the information I need when I am at the match. Every match I attend I’ll be printing this out to make it easier to track each team. Even though I designed this for myself, I thought I would share because I feel like I’m not the only one with this issue. 


The MLS Lineup Lowdown was created from data from American Soccer Analysis. Please support their website as they do great things to innovate the sport in the United States via the interwebs.