Our People

Our People

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Alex Christensen


Alex has an encyclopedic knowledge of the analytics technology stack. He is passionate about the processes and strategy that enable adoptions of new environments or optimizing existing ones. Alex enables more effective centers-of-excellence by focusing on development best practices, process optimization, strategy, and customized training.

Alex has been working as an analytics and business intelligence consultant and trainer for 7 years. He has worked across almost every vertical, but has extra experience in consumer packaged, healthcare, insurance, retail, public sector, manufacturing, and human capital.

Baxter Boe


Baxter partners closely with clients to help design solutions or products that go beyond the needs of the organization through a methodological, sustainable approach. He specializes in analytics enablement, project management, and organizational change management that serve client’s toughest self-service challenges. Baxter has partnered with clients across multiple industries and has developed content expertise in hospitals systems, payers, financial institutions, consumer-packaged goods, and pharmaceutics.

Luke Stanke, PhD


Luke is a data visualization and advanced analytics expert who focuses on producing results. He inspires thousands of data visualization and data science professionals around the globe through speaking and community events. Luke has earned top honors in the analytics community–being selected as a 2x Tableau Zen Master. He is equally regarded for his data science expertise, blending business-first approaches, modern data architecture, and the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Nick Haylund

Principal Consultant

Nick found his way to a career in data analytics on a path full of VLookups, Pivot Tables, VBA and SQL. Today, you’ll find Nick delivering data products ranging from Alteryx workflows and macros, to Tableau and Power BI dashboards. 

Nick is also an Alteryx ACE, a top honor in that platform’s community. He also enjoys leading local user groups and conferences in talking about all things data, and bringing advanced analytics to everyone.

As Principal Consultant & Manager of Strategic Partnerships, Nick leads the Alteryx practice and manages relationships between Tessellation and their software partners. 

John Emery

John Emery


John’s strengths lie in his problem solving skills. He has a knack for being thrown in to new environments and being able to navigate his way to solutions efficiently.

John has been working with data and analytics for 5 years post-graduate school. He has worked for the Department of Defense doing combat modeling and acquisitions studies, consumer finance, and has experience consulting on consumer packaged goods, healthcare, and the public sector.

As a consultant at Tessellation, John develops solutions for clients, whether visualizations, data queries, or analytic workflows. John has also used his extensive statistics and mathematics background to create learning content for clients.

Aidan Bramel​


Aidan has extensive knowledge of the analytic stack and a proven track record for leading world-class analytic server deployments. Her experience spans server deployments anywhere from 5 to 80,000 users with security requirements ranging from public to highly restricted defense data. Previously a one-stop analytics shop at a global conglomerate, Aidan is no stranger to supporting, training, and enabling users of all experience levels.

Aidan has been working in the business analytics industry for 3 years. As a Consultant at Tessellation, Aidan takes on projects involving server deployment and governance, as well as dashboard and data product development projects in Tableau, Alteryx, and Looker.

Spencer Baucke


Spencer is passionate about enabling organizations to leverage their data through data visualization, most notably Power BI and Tableau.

Spencer has been a Tableau Public Featured Author, 14x Viz of the Day winner, and is a co-founder of the Tableau community initiative #SportsVizSunday. Spencer has also been a speaker at TC18 in New Orleans, TCE19 in Berlin, and TC19 in Las Vegas. 

In addition to Tableau, Spencer enjoys leveraging data and analytics in Power BI. Spencer is DA-100 exam certified and has enabled organizations to develop, share, and utilize Power BI reports across their enterprise.

Autumn Battani


Autumn has been working in the analytics space for four years with concentrated experience in the media and entertainment industry after supporting The Walt Disney Company in their efforts to reach consumers through their content. She has a passion for creating workflow efficiencies and streamlining processes to allow for more effective deployment while prioritizing user-friendly designs and interactivity that can support any level of data literacy.

In her work, Autumn leans on her education in psychology to help her hone in on important variables affecting a problem and supplements her analysis with her communication background to help her effectively highlight solutions for the client.

Katrina Johnson


Katrina has always been guided by her curiosity and search for understanding “why”.  She has worked in a variety of analytical roles for the last 6 years. Her most recent role involved being the sole analyst managing all aspects from data management to data presentation and analysis.  She helps lead a local Tableau User Group and is active in the online analytics community.   

As a consultant at Tessellation, Katrina partners with clients to help them better understand their data and how to respond to insights.  She helps turn data into action by translating complex technical ideas into everyday terms.

Alicia Bembenek, PhD​


Alicia has spent her entire career teaching others and working with data. She was first a psychology professor and researcher, before discovering her interest and aptitude for the field of data visualization.

Alicia has been working as an analytics and business intelligence consultant and trainer for over three  years. Her career has focused on developing Tableau trainings, survey analytics, and analytics in the field of higher education.

As a consultant at Tessellation, Alicia develops and directs programs and provides software training. She applies her extensive background in psychology, memory, and learning when determining how to most effectively communicate and teach others. 

Michael Green

Principal Consultant

Michael enjoys thinking of creative ways to solve problems that matter.  He finds joy in the journey of learning a little more each day, and applying what he has learned to make life better for the people around him.  Michael is skilled at understanding complex concepts and sharing what he has learned with others in a simple, relatable way.

Michael has been working with data for 7 years in a number of domains including manufacturing, supply chain, engineering, healthcare, sports, and agriculture.

As a consultant at Tessellation, Michael partners with clients to answer complex questions with data.  He helps clients build automated, end-to-end workflows that encompass all aspects of data prep, data science, and data visualization, enabling their organizations to optimize their decision making at scale.

Elizabeth Dinevski


Elizabeth loves blending business strategy with technology to enable data-driven decision making. She drives success in business transformation by understanding the core problem, leveraging analytical methods, and tying everything back to the end user. 

Elizabeth has worked in the field of data & analytics for about 3 years in various capacities, ranging from business analyst to data scientist. Often times, she plays multiple roles during a project. She has extensive experience in the consumer products industry, but has also worked in banking and government. 

As a consultant at Tessellation, Elizabeth helps clients transform the way they conduct business by leveraging the power of data science. She loves understanding what a client is trying to achieve then go heads down to develop the solution.

Eric Stevens

Director, Strategic Partnerships & Accounts

Eric has spent most of his career within the data and analytics sales space where he loves working with different technology partners and clients to dream and discover better ways to improve processes, help make better business decisions and improves lives. Authentic, long-term relationships is what he strives for when working with others and making sure the solutions and products offered are a perfect fit.

Eric brings a diverse range of industry experience from large to small companies, ideas that think out of the box and to always look up and downstream at any problem or opportunity to insure you are getting a full scale approach to a solution.

Krishn Rapoor

Business Development Lead

Krishn joined the Tessellation team September, 2020 from Macalester College in St. Paul, MN. Krishn has worked in the startup industry for 3 years now, focusing on data/business analytics. Krishn has worked for an array of companies from fast-casual restaurant chains to medical oncology. Krishn specializes in building close relationships, while finding creative and personal solutions. He is passionate about helping people and has a curiosity to learn and address their issues.

Krishn played college football for the Macalester College Fighting Scots and continues to participate in recreational sports in his free time. Krishn enjoys meeting new rivals on the basketball and tennis court.