3 Reasons Why You Should Change Careers into Data Analytics in 2021

Feeling stuck in your career? Dreaming of going into data analytics or data science? Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes!

Hi, I’m Michael Green, a principal consultant at Tessellation and an Alteryx and Tableau coach for Data Coach. I also share data analytics career advice and insights into #BreakingIntoDataScience to over 65,000 folks on LinkedIn!

Every day, I’m thankful to wake up to a data job that I truly enjoy. I’ve spent the past several years working in data and have absolutely loved it. But I didn’t start out my career in analytics. I was actually in engineering for quite some time. I got to a point in my job where I felt bored, understimulated, and deeply curious about the potential of data analytics. 

At this point in your career, I’m guessing you are probably getting curious about the world of data analytics. Like many folks, you may be feeling stuck at your current job and starting to explore what other options you have.

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I make a career switch into Data Analytics?”

This is an excellent question. And for many people, the answer is: you shouldn’t! This field isn’t for everyone.

Over the past eight years that I have spent working with data and connecting with other data professionals, I’ve observed a sizable number of career changes.

Most of the people who successfully switch into data science or data analytics have a few common characteristics.

Here are the three most common reasons why you should consider pivoting your career and jumping into Data Analytics:

1. You Love Analyzing Data

Every time you see a new spreadsheet, the idea of digging into the details and understanding the trends excites you. In fact, you find analyzing any data sets truly fascinating.

2. You Love Tinkering With Numbers

You most definitely have a knack for math and statistics. Working with numbers comes naturally to you. You likely want to find more opportunities to use your math skills in your everyday job.

2. You Love Working with Computers

So you are a bit of a technology nerd. Given the right software tools, you’d jump at the chance to automate business processes or maybe even develop AI algorithms to help people make better, data-driven decisions at scale.

If you resonated with any of these reasons, you should absolutely join me on February 23, 2021 at 11am EST) for my webinar, called  “How to Switch Careers into Data Analytics in 2021.” 

During the webinar, I will discuss a successful formula on how to strategically upskill, build your portfolio, rebrand your LinkedIn, and find the right people to help you land your dream job.

During this 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Upskill in analytics even while working a full time job
  • Strategically choose the right data analytics tool to learn
  • Build out a compelling analytics portfolio with fun mini-projects
  • Market yourself as an analytics expert in your industry
  • Connect with the right hiring managers

I hope to see you there, so click this link to register.

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