A Better Way to Learn (and Teach!) Date Fields in Tableau

The Tableau Fringe Festival is an online conference where members of the Tableau community can gather to share their knowledge with their peers. If you miss the presentations live, don’t fret! They will be posted to the Fringe Festival’s YouTube page.

This year, I have been honored to present my thoughts on a critical piece of Tableau: working with dates. This topic is often a source of confusion for Tableau beginners, so at Tessellation we’ve prioritized finding a better way to teach this concept.

My presentation is essentially an abridged version of the Tableau Dates module we teach to our clients, which Luke Stanke and I co-wrote. You can consider it a preview of our holistic training regimen for Tableau students.

At Tessellation, we teach Tableau through 30 modules spread out over 13 weeks for cohorts of up to 20 analysts. Students are also taught skills in complementary software – Alteryx and Jira. We spread out our training because (1) it allows students to grapple with concepts at their own pace, and (2) they can begin building dashboards in the early weeks of the program, which they refine as they learn more advanced skills.

The Presentation

Enough of the sales pitch, here are the slides from my Tableau Fringe Festival presentation. When the video is published I will update this post with the link.

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