Alteryx’s Output Data Tool

Alteryx’s Output Data Tool You’ve spent most of your time so far automating your data wrangling, so where do you go from here?  The Output Data tool! The Output Data Tool Check Out the 2-Minute Tool Playlist!

Alteryx’s Record ID Tool

Alteryx’s Record ID Tool “Chicka Chicka Yeah, RecordID RecordID” – McLovin'[Data] Not having an ID on your Record getting you down? Just use the Record ID tool! The Record ID Tool Check Out the 2-Minute Tool Playlist!

Alteryx’s Tool Container Tool

Alteryx’s Tool Container Tool The tools in your workflow getting away from ya a bit?  Put ’em in a box, using the Tool Container tool!  The Tool Container Tool Check Out the 2-Minute Tool Playlist!

Alteryx’s Multi-Row Formula Tool

Alteryx’s Multi-Row Formula Tool How can you talk with your data that’s not in the same row? The Multi-Row Formula tool! Your walk-talkie to communicate (and change!) data that’s up and down in your fields. The Multi-Row Formula Tool Check … Read More

Alteryx’s Summarize Tool

Alteryx’s Summarize Tool Slice and dice to your heart’s content! Just like a Pivot Table in Excel, the Summarize tool lets us aggregate our data into a more concise level of detail. The Summarize Tool Check Out the 2-Minute Tool … Read More

Alteryx’s Union Tool

Alteryx’s Union Tool The Union tool — it’s in your Alteryx workflow’s DNA! Enjoy this video which talks about stacking that data into one unified stream, using the Union tool! The UnionTool Check Out the 2-Minute Tool Playlist!

Alteryx’s Sort Tool

Alteryx’s Sort Tool When it comes to sorting in Alteryx, this tool can lead to delight or despair. Take a look at this week’s video all about the Sort tool! The Sort Tool Check Out the 2-Minute Tool Playlist!

Alteryx’s Data Cleansing Tool

Alteryx’s Data Cleansing Tool If you’re like me, you get stressed when receiving dirty data and find yourself spending precious analysis time cleaning it up! Enter, the Data Cleansing tool. This is one of the most commonly used tools in … Read More

Alteryx’s Join Tool

Alteryx’s Join Tool Ever want to combine two good data sets to create an amazing one!? You’re in luck! All it takes is one common field to start enriching you data using the Join tool. Check out this week’s video … Read More

Alteryx’s Filter Tool

Alteryx’s Filter Tool It’s easy to split your data into some very *colorful* data streams using Alteryx! Check out this week’s video below to learn how you can use simple (or complex!) True/False statements to handle certain data, differently. The … Read More