Dynamic Rows and Columns in Tableau

Dynamic Rows & Columns in Tableau Recently Luke Stanke and myself held a webinar discussing some cool ways to enhance P&L statements and other financial reporting. This blog post contains detailed instructions on how to use some of the techniques … Read More

Sentiment Analysis word cloud

Code-free Sentiment Analysis for Business

What is Sentiment Analysis? “This is the worst!” cried Reginald. Cynthia, his long-time business partner, hurried into the room. “Is everything alright?” she asked. Reginald, usually an exuberant man, sighed and said “we lost the Smithfield account. I don’t know … Read More

YTD Flags in Power Query

YTD Flags in Power Query Dates tables are an integral part of any comprehensive data model. Dates tables allow you to normalize a variety of different date fields and perform calculations and filtering on all of those different fields at … Read More

Alteryx 2020.4

Alteryx 2020.4 What’s New? In the following, we’ll examine some of our favorite features that in the newest release of Alteryx – let’s get into it!  Alteryx Designer We’re at the last main release for Alteryx in 2020, and while … Read More

Connecting Jira to Snowflake using Fivetran

Connecting Jira to Snowflake with Fivetran This post is a continuation of the series that examines the simplification of data integration leveraging Fivetran and Snowflake. Fivetran nearly eliminates the development time required to ingest data from a vast number of … Read More

Alteryx Server 101: Organizing Content in the Alteryx Gallery

Alteryx Server 101: Organizing Content in the Alteryx Gallery Just got Alteryx Server at your organization? Get ready for some serious time saving when you automate your work! Server is a fantastic product, but the Gallery has a whole language … Read More

KPI Design Ideas for Tableau

KPI Design Ideas Here are 15 ideas and sources of inspiration for designing your KPIs for Tableau For a very long while I’ve been collecting KPI design ideas. Specifically, I wanted to include. For all the examples I am using … Read More

What-if Analysis in Power BI

https://www.tessellationtech.io/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/2020-09-29-17-48-11_Trim.mp4 What-if Analysis in Power BI Leveraging parameters in Power BI can take your scenario planning to the next level. In the example below, we are using mock model output of a linear regression model to perform a what-if analysis … Read More

Alteryx Server: Workflow Credentials

Alteryx Gallery Workflow Credentials Picture this: your company just got Alteryx Server. You are dazzled by the idea of scheduling your workflows and sharing your analytic apps. You publish your perfectly-working workflow, which utilizes an excel file hosted on a … Read More

Optimizing Power BI Reports

Optimizing Power BI Reports Building performant reports is important in gaining trust with stakeholders and ensuring user adoption. Here are some practical and easy tips on how to optimize your Power BI reports! These tips will be broken down into … Read More