Tessellation Achieves Premier Partnership Status

We are very excited to announce that Tessellation has been named an Alteryx Premier Partner for 2021!
What is a Premier Partner?

Premier Status is the highest achievement level for Alteryx partners. Premier Partners add value for Alteryx customers through their network of trained consultants, on-point analytic services and deep technical expertise in their respective markets. Premier Partners’ array of services include training and enablement, workflow and model development and best practice sharing — all of which Tessellation delivers. We help accelerate analytic maturation at organizations worldwide, and support the global growth of the Alteryx community.

Thank you Alteryx for this amazing honor.

Why Tessellation was named a Premier Partner?

Tessellation was named a Premier Partner for our proven track record of world-class support, true technical expertise, and unparalleled efforts in revolutionizing self-service analytics for all of our Alteryx clients. To learn more about our history and services for Alteryx customers, visit our dedicated capabilities page.

Tessellation's path to Premier:

Tessellation earns Associate partnership status, expands Alteryx talent/expertise, and releases enterprise Alteryx training content, delivered via Data Coach
Tessellation earns Preferred partnership status, adds even more Alteryx course content (on Data Coach and its YouTube channel), and significantly expands learners. Oh, was thrilled to snag an honorary Partner of the year award. 
Which brings us to today/the new year; Tessellation earning Premier Partnership status. We so look forward to seeing what we can achieve with Alteryx and our clients this year. 
Our Clients

We are very lucky to have some seriously great clients that are true partners with Alteryx work — building and learnings every day. They are the ones that enable us to do what we love to do.

Thanks to Tessellation, we were able to accelerate the delivery of our analytic product backlog and, at the same time, up-skill our people to drive data-driven decision making and save thousands of hours of data processing each year.

Associate Director of IT - Analytics
Our Alteryx leaders

We can only deliver at the level we can due to some seriously talented folks here at Tessellation. This past year the Alteryx community enjoyed blogs from Aidan, YouTube videos from John, and more.

Keep an eye out for more free content from our great team, webinars and materials in 2021 to help you level-up your Alteryx skills.

What's next?

More data products. More return on your Alteryx investments.

Future clients: let’s chat.

Future colleagues, come join the fun: we’re hiring!

Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email me at nick.haylund@tessellationconsulting.com

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