phData and Tessellation Merger

Tessellation is Joining Forces with phData

We are remarkably proud of everything we’ve achieved in the last few years and today, we’re absolutely ecstatic to announce that we’re becoming a part of the expert data team at phData

This is hardly the end for Tessellation, more of a catalyst that will accelerate our business and how we deliver data-driven change across our clients. For those unfamiliar with phData, they’re another local Twin Cities-founded company that specializes in data and machine learning consulting.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through our decision to join phData and unpack a few of the details.

Who is phData and What Do You Like About Them?

phData is a tech-enabled services company that focuses on modern data platforms, data engineering, and machine learning. 


What initially attracted us to working with phData is that their services are complementary with what we do at Tessellation. We worked together this year on joint customer programs and the feedback from customers has been excellent. We liked that they are led by industry-known experts who take an opinionated stance in their domain. They’ve also been ahead of key trends in data engineering, dataops, and MLOps, which is something we value and respect deeply.

Why Join Forces with phData?

There are several reasons why we decided to merge but the main reason is that our businesses complemented each other exceptionally well. Our focus has been consistently on building analytics–in the form of data visualization, analytics process automation, data science, and analytics modernization strategy. This means phData’s focus is in an entirely different, but complementary space. Combined, we now cover the full data and analytics lifecycle.

For our team, this merger provides business and career opportunities that would have taken both of our organizations years to develop alone. We’re both in alignment that we’ll grow faster and stronger as a combined force. While this is great for our businesses, it’s extra exciting for our customers. 

What Will This Mean for Tessellation Customers?

Nothing is changing in the short term. Both businesses will operate as usual, but with some branding changes and several new service offerings from phData that we’re especially excited about. We’ll add the ability to support organizations with more robust data strategy engagements, support with data engineers to build out reporting data marts, and help scale machine learning models to production (mlops). In the long term, Tessellation’s services will be migrated into the combined phData.

What is Most Exciting About This Acquisition?

“I’ve never been more excited about the possibilities for our business and our team. With the addition of Tessellation and Data Coach, we’re coming to market with a complete, end-to-end offering for analytics and machine learning. We’re serving the entire analytics lifecycle with our services and, with Data Coach, can better enable customers with in-house talent strategies.”

-Ryan Bosshart, CEO of phData


“Our customers are continuing to innovate, expand, and demand value from their data & analytics tools and capabilities. Together with phData, we can offer a transformational, end-to-end services model that ensures our customers have the strategy, infrastructure, process, proficiency, governance, and communities of practice in place to achieve that value.”

-Baxter Boe, Founding Partner of Tessellation

In Closing

This is still pretty new for us and there’s a lot of dots to connect but we’re absolutely confident this acquisition is going to be such a wonderful thing for our employees, customers, and partners.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Want to learn more about phData? We’re here to chat!

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