How to Use Data Science for Marketing Analytics

Live Stream - How to Use Data Science for Marketing Analytics

Join this webinar hosted by Zachary Zinda to learn how to use data science for marketing analytics to optimize your future marketing spend and promotions, all using Python.

Thanks to the recent explosion of data science, there are now better and faster ways to quantify the impacts of marketing on sales performance. Measuring the greater success of your marketing spend across channels is no longer a challenge. Using the latest techniques in machine learning, you and your business intelligence team can uncover powerful insights to help reach ideal customers and maximize profits.

During this 1-hour webinar, data scientist Zac Zinda will deep dive into data science for marketing analytics. He will demonstrate the overarching strategies that data science teams can apply to uncover greater insights from historic sales and marketing data. Additionally, you’ll learn step-by-step how to apply statistical and machine learning techniques using Python. Overall, this webinar will cover:

  • How to leverage data science to determine the impacts of digital and traditional campaigns on sales performance
  • How to measure incremental sales associated with a short term marketing promotion 
  • Which machine learning packages will uncover insights faster
  • What are the best practices for visualizing your insights in Power BI

This webinar will provide immense value to both business intelligence leaders, junior data scientists, and marketing analysts.

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About the Speaker: Zachary Zinda

Alongside a master’s degree in Business Analytics and powerful grasp of both Power BI and Tableau, Zachary Zinda has also developed a true talent for data science

Throughout his career in science education, banking, and the retail industry, Zac has always been drawn to data. During his master’s program, fluency in Python, R, and SQL came quite quickly. Overall, Zac’s swift entrance into the data analytics world came naturally.

Zac’s background as a chemistry teacher has given him an advantage as a strong communicator and data storyteller. He has developed a unique data visualization style that prioritizes intuitive, user-friendly design.

As a data science consultant at Tessellation, Zac helps clients harness the power of their data to find actionable insights that drive business value.

As a consultant at Tessellation, Zac helps clients harness the power of their data to find actionable insights and drive business value.

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