This post kicks off our series about Tableau CRM. We’ll start with the basics, then dive deeper into the platform as the series progresses.

What is Tableau CRM?

Tableau CRM is an end-to-end analytics solution with powerful data management, data visualization, and predictive analytics capabilities. Built on top of Salesforce, Tableau CRM enables end users to take action from within their work environment.

Tableau CRM Features

The rest of the post will showcase key features of Tableau CRM, separated by three core capabilities: Data Management, Data Visualization, and Predictive Analytics.

Data Management

  • Data Integration: In Tableau CRM, connectors give you an easy way to connect to data inside and outside of your Salesforce org. The below gif highlights the many configurable connectors that let you bring data into Tableau CRM from Salesforce, external applications, databases, and data warehouses.
  • Data Preparation: There are two data preparation tools in Tableau CRM: Recipes and Dataflows. Both tools have an intuitive visual interface and can be used to design datasets from your connected data. For example, the recipe below combines, filters, and transforms data before outputting as a dataset.
  • Data Synchronization: Prevent inconsistencies between source systems and Tableau CRM by scheduling data refreshes. Recipes and Dataflows can also execute on a time-based or event-based schedule. In the screenshot below, data from all connected Salesforce objects gets refreshed at 12:00 am every business day.

Business Intelligence

  • Data exploration using lenses: Lenses let you visually explore data within a dataset. Lenses can be shared independently, or clipped and added to dashboards. The below lens uses a stacked bar chart to visually explore open and closed won opportunities by owner.
  • Dashboards: Tableau CRM dashboards consist of interactive widgets that visualize query results from your datasets. As you can see, the lens created in the above gif has been added to the below dashboard to tell a story about sales performance.
  • Embed Visualizations in Salesforce: Add Tableau CRM dashboards to Lightning home pages, record pages, and app home pages to provide interactive visualizations to end users. Here’s an example of a dashboard embedded in the Lightning home page:

Predictive Analytics in Einstein Discovery

Einstein Discovery is Salesforce’s data science toolkit. It connects directly to Tableau CRM datasets to generate descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive insights.

  • Einstein Discovery Stories: To explore relationships between input variables and a chosen outcome variable, create an Einstein Discovery Story. An example of an Einstein Discovery Story can be found below. The input variables, and their correlation to the outcome variable CLV, are shown on the left. The bar charts list which variables positively or negatively impact CLV in order of statistical significance.
  • Einstein Discovery Models: If you want Einstein to make predictions from your data, build and deploy Einstein Discovery Models. Predictive models are automatically generated upon creation of a story in Einstein Discovery. Therefore, the model uses the same input variables to produce a predicted outcome. Not only do Einstein Discovery models predict outcomes, they also provide suggestions to improve predicted outcomes.
  • Embed predictions in Salesforce: Embed Einstein predictions throughout Salesforce, giving users real-time predictions and recommendations based on record-level details. In the image below, Einstein predicts CLV for a specific account based on the field values of that particular record.
In Conclusion

Tableau CRM is a powerful self-service application that helps you understand your data. If your users need to see their insights in Salesforce, consider Tableau CRM and it’s many features.

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